Zala – design with a warm heart

When we stop from our busy, fast rhythms and we gather around a table to eat a meal made by a friend’s hands, I believe we honor not only our bodies but also the God who created them. It’s almost like a proof that we are fragile human beings and that we need nourishment both physically and spiritually.

I feel loved when someone offers me food. And when I recall a good trip or a time well spent with my friends, the part about what and where we ate really matters.

“They say that those who eat together stay together” is the motto behind Dalia’s new Gather collection and it went straight to my heart.

I can not even begin to tell you how much I admire her courage to start Zala. When I was working on her branding shoot, it was like I was a child marveling at the horizon of the seaside for the first time. Everything she brought from her ceramic studio was so beautifully designed and created. Her plates are soft and raw, warm and strong, and it’s something in her imperfect lines that reminds me of my own humanity and my need to belong. – it was easy for me to get to the heart of what she loves and has to offer to the world. I could see the story of her designs unfolding in front of me and the only thing I could think of was how to bring that story out in ways that will impact her niche.

That’s the thing about getting to know the “behind the scenes” process of another artist. It’s an eye-opener to what inspires another human being to create. I love being taken into their world and translating it into images.



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