Marika – Visual Stylist – London

To me, Marika is a living proof that women make hard things look effortless. We’ve all been there, looking at a perfect curated picture in a magazine or at a styled shot where the clothes and the hair and the model’s expression seems to blend together in a perfect story. It can spark a lot of emotions from joy to inspiration to straight out envy. But what we often forget is that behind those perfect photos that we see, a thousand words were spoken and a thousand more directions were given.


I love finding women who work hard to make beauty out of nothing but are also honest about the effort involved, the long working hours and the struggles of “making it” in a big city like London. And Marika is one of those women. She’s clearly passionate about creating beautiful brand imagery.  She graduated from the London College of Fashion with a degree in Fashion Media Styling and she’s worked with a wide range of creative projects for clients such as Elle Finland, Subella London, Natalie Imbruglia and Korkeila Helsinki.


Perhaps you, like Marika once did moving from Finland, are taking a giant leap of faith into the unknown waters of creative living. Maybe you’re looking for a tribe of your own. Maybe you’re scared or insecure or on the contrary, excited and eager to begin. Whatever it is that you’re going through, just know you are not alone. Others have walked the walk and it’s good on the other side. We’re here waiting for you. Just take that step.









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