Magic light

For the last two years I’ve been decorating my room for the Holidays as a sign that I’m finally prepared to name this city my “HOME”. And trust me, for a country girl like myself, that didn’t came easy. So I pinned twinkle lights at my window and filled the room with candles. I know it breaks every real-person decorating rule, but I’m keeping them up because I like the way the room glows at night when they’re on. And I like how the soft light brings a little bit of magic to an otherwise small Bucharest room.









One of the first things that pop in my mind when someone asks how would I describe myself in a few words is that I’m a light chaser. Be it a candle or a moon or a golden sun, I can’t not take pictures of light. It inspires my photography in the same way good music inspires my editing.

It’s not an east thing, to capture light. And it’s definitely impossible to hold it, freeze it, define it. As Emily Freeman would put it, we mostly have to settle for capturing what light DOES. Just like God, light warms and fills and lifts, even in the darkest hours. Especially in the darkest hours.

Here’s the sun sliding graceful through a winter sky and the JOY of starting a new year of chasing Light.:























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