Andi – 3 years later

My Andi Bundy,

I can’t believe you’re not a baby anymore. Watching you I realize that our time here on Earth is moving so fast. I must say that you’re growing beautifully and that you are loved beyond measure. You’ve moved into a new house this year where you can finally play with all your construction toys. And you seem happy. You have your own room now and you even go to the bathroom all by yourself.

To you, nothing seems more interesting these days than knocking nails and using the mini power drill. I think you will be a builder in this lifetime. It’s funny how your personality is starting to take shape, like a playdough in the hands of God. He’s slowly molding you into an actual human being – you like all your stuff to be nicely ordered and you always have an advice or a new discovery to share with anyone who’s willing to listen. You don’t make friends easily but when you do, you hug them tightly with your little hands and you call them all sorts of names like Adielutzu & Angelutza. Your favorite question is “Why??” and I’m constantly surprised on how persistent and patient you are in getting an answer.

When you’re not close or when I’m having a really bad day, I scroll through pictures of you and as I see your sweetness and your funny faces, my world just lights up. You bring color into our family and you’re for sure the smartest kiddow I know.

3 years now and my love is still growing.

Your Auntie.



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