1st of May

I don’t know about other parts of the world, but here in Bucharest, ever since I moved in, 1st of May has always been a “special” day. Free of work. The International Workers’Day. It’s a reminder of a moment in history when 90 thousand people militated for the legal work day to be only 8 hours long.

Now, as a photographer, your heart may not beat for this noble cause. And I’d surely understand. The main idea of today however, is to remind yourself  that you don’t HAVE TO work. Not today. And to take joy in this thought. To turn to your family, to go for a walk, to travel, to read a book, to enjoy your friends, you know, normal things you don’t get to do every day, because you’re too busy working. And from what I’ve seen for almost 6 years now, people do just that.

The city’s almost empty, the streets are quiet. You can hear a car now and then. On the building across my street, there’s only one light up. I wonder if it’s a lonely or a rebellious soul living there. Everyone’s gone. It’s strange to see Bucharest so peaceful.

I love photography and everything that comes with it. I’ve said it again and again. But here’s the thing about running a business that people fail to tell you: in days like this,  you’ll feel alone. It’s not a shiny, glamorous detail of entrepreneurship. As a business owner, you’ll make tough decisions, wake up thinking about client requests, and stress about referrals (especially if that’s the thing that keeps your business going and growing), taxes and inbox. All the while, you’ll be desperate to share that ache with someone, but most days, you’ll just face the tidal wave of emotion by yourself. Not because you have to, but mostly because you’re afraid others won’t understand.

I’m writing this, as a love note left behind for a stranger, in hopes of sharing a lifeboat in the middle of a storm or a piece of land when all you can see is water (don’t look surprised, i’ve just finished watching Unbroken 🙂 )

Dear Wanderer,

I know the mornings of waking up to the sound of adrenaline pumping in your ears and I know the late nights that find you sitting in front of your computer surrounded by silence.  I know what it feels like to make mistakes. I know apologies. I know the high of your first paying customer to the low of your first rejection. I know uncomfortable conversations. I know losing a friend because business and ‘life’ got in the way. I know failure. 

But I also know that the world is a better place because you’re trying. By simply showing up, taking a risk and doing your best, you’re empowering others to do the same. And together, we’ll leave this place better than we found it. Wasn’t this God’s plan all along? Follow your mission. Shine on.



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